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We are JIXed.

A Proud Ōtautahi Story

I think when it comes to innovation, larger organisations are always reluctant to engage a small start-up or even a medium-sized company because of the risk, but in Christchurch there’s no barrier between a larger or smaller organisation.

The Beginning - NZ Space Challenge , 2018

We were the Regional Winners of the inaugural ‘NZ Space Challenge 2018’ with our friends at Orbica.

The Launchpad - MAHUKI, 2018

We were one of the top ten NZ High-Growth Teams selected for ‘MAHUKI’ , a culture-tech accelerator by Te Papa Tongarewa, National Museum of New Zealand.

The Arrival - Our First Partnership with ARA

#AraOnMars was a first of its kind large-screen AR experience in NZ. Over two thousand people visited the Ara event space over the course of three days at the 2018 Career Expo with hundreds of mentions on Facebook to deliver an impactful brand activation.

The Take-Off - Adaptable and Fluid Innovation

JIX Reality is a great example of this, the team are forward-thinking and creative – they came up with some industry-leading ideas and had the technological capability to make it a reality.

ISRO Moon Mission Trailer

ISRO Moon Mission was self-funded by JIX as part of our EdTech Social Enterprise Initiative: Creating Learning Apps That Inspire and Educate. It was a passion project for our team led by Indian founders/technologists

Our Journey