We honour the Treaty of Waitangi; acknowledge the stories, language, traditions; respect and honour Maori Elders past, present and future in Aotearoa.

Tribe of us

What is the most important thing in the world?

Tangata, Tangata & Tangata!

People, People & People!

Courage, the BOLD underdogs

Being courageous is more than being fearless or strong for us, it's about doing the right thing for a future that doesn't exists yet.

Innovation in our DNA

The continuous strength of our creative, experimental and innovative spirit comes from the Innovation in our DNA!

Deliver the future

We don't want to just deliver dreams, results and projects for the present, but knowledge, delight and vision for the future.

Core Values / Kaupapa

Values are important because they anchor us anywhere we go and keep us steady when things shift and change. They are the bedrock of our very being, everything that we try to do in life is anchored on that bedrock. Values shape our behaviours, what we believe in, and our relationships with the world around us.