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An augmented reality learning experience


What if you could explore complex concepts and environments through a virtual portal that allows you to learn by doing? 

Ignite is an augmented reality experience  that lets anyone with a smartphone or tablet recreate the learning environment from their homes through life like simulations of the concept in questions. Young kids can navigate this learning environment by simple interaction taps to know more about them

Ignite is deployed as a mobile AR application compatible with both Android and Apple devices. As an educator, you can choose from our library of pre-designed education packages or request for custom made content.



  • Improved cognitive development by cultivating curiosity and wonder in young minds

  • Accelerated learning

  • Solidifying an understanding of complex space concepts

  •  Enhanced teaching experience


  • Ability to perform sophisticated measurements of distances and angles just using a smartphone.

  • Real-time interactivity with digital content

  • Easy to configure mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices

  • A 360 degree tour of the moon from wherever you are


Our Work


Chandrayaan 2, India’s second lunar mission, was an attempt to make history by being the first country to land on the less explored South Pole of the moon. Looking back, do you feel like you missed out on a momentous occasion like this, or are struggling to explain it to kids who don’t yet grasp space concepts? Here’s where IGNITE will come in handy. The ISRO MOON MISSION application was self-funded by JIX as part of our EdTech Social Enterprise Initiative: Creating learning apps that inspire and educate.

ISRO Moon Mission


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