ISRO Moon Mission


The Client

ISRO Moon Mission was self-funded by JIX as part of our Ed Tech Social Enterprise Initiative: Creating Learning Apps That Inspire and Educate. It was a passion project for our team led by Indian founders/technologists who were like excited kids following the progress of Chandrayaan-2 since its launch in July. This free application was created in record time too - a mere three weeks.


The Challenge

Millions of people in India and around the world were buzzing with anticipation in the early hours of 7 September 2019 in front of live telecast devices to watch ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) moon lander’s final descent. A mere 1.3 miles crushed India’s dreams in the end, but the Chandrayaan-2 mission revitalised the love for space exploration in the minds of the young and old. 

Looking back, do you feel like you missed out on a momentous occasion like this, or are struggling to explain it to someone who missed it? How would young kids try and imagine a mission of this scale when they are still grasping the concept of space? 

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The Solution

JIX designed an augmented reality portal mobile application that could take the user on an exciting interactive recollection of the Chandrayaan-2 launch from wherever they are. The idea of an AR  portal is not only that you can enter the portal and see the virtual moon space around you, you can also explore the spacecraft, witness the orbit from earth to moon and gaze at the moon surface leading to a rounded learning experience. Users get to learn about the complexity of the mission through a series of information layovers in the experience.

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The Moon Portal was created as a mobile AR application that allowed users with a smartphone or tablet to relive the launch of Chandrayaan-2 by placing them in charge of the rocket launch from their homes. The application is created with an animated explorable environment that the users can virtually navigate while reading about the mission highlights. The application can perform sophisticated measurements of distances and angles of your environment to have a lifelike positioning of the AR elements. The AR Moon portal is available for Apple and Android devices, compatible with ARKit and ARCore on iTunes and Google Play by searching ‘ISRO Moon Misison.’ The device that will give you a richer experience is the iPad Pro from 2018 or later.



The ISRO Moon Mission application had a digital launch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn that resulted in over 500 installs. The live demonstrations at our research innovation lab resulted in positive feedback for using AR as a study tool.

Our aim is to use the platform to recreate global space missions, making them interactive and fun. So to all space enthusiasts out there, if you want to collaborate and contribute to our efforts: Do one of the following 

  1. Share the App on Social Media 

  2. Give us your feedback by rating us on the App store

  3. Email us to collaborate and co-create


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