The Future of Touch is Touchless

Mid-air haptics is a “virtual touch” technology that uses ultrasound to create tactile sensations in mid-air. There’s no need for controllers or wearables, making gesture recognition an ideal input platform. The most important aspect of mid-air haptics for full immersion is the creation of a digital interaction that feels real.


Application - Industry Focus

Public Touch Screen Kiosks

The new norm of touch-free social interaction since COVID-19 raises questions around the survival of public touch screen kiosks. Whilst touch screens in their current form provide the much-needed barrier that eliminates the need for face to face interaction, we still must contend with physically touching a surface that was previously imprinted on by several others. This leads to several hygiene concerns, making them a liability for retailers and public transport agencies.

We have been working on a new haptic based touchless interface prototype that would render these kiosks 100% safe by doing away with the need for physical touch completely.

Early Education Learning

Immersive technology has been getting researchers’ and educators’ attention as a beneficial alternative for creating teaching and learning tools. While AR provides a wide array of interactive opportunities for kids to immerse themselves in a fun and exciting environment, integration of haptic would increase the immersion quotient by adding the element of human touch.

We have been working on a new haptic integrated augmented reality learning app that would increase engagement and cognitive development.


Our Prototypes

Customer Feedback Kiosk

To reduce the risk of an airport traveller contracting the virus from the public kiosks owing it being touched previously by another, we have designed a haptic interface plugin that can be integrated with the customer kiosks found in all the airports. For the prototype, we have picked the customer feedback kiosk that allows travellers to rate the airport experience

Interactive quiz game

‘Know Your Animals’ is a quiz game targeted at young children aged two years and above to test their knowledge on animals.


Partner With Us

With our prototype developed and tested, we are on the lookout for industry partners to accelerate the process of creating a commercially viable plug and play solution that can be integrated with existing public touch screen kiosks. Get in touch to find out more.

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