QuickView AR

Bring life to your product catalogue and accelerate your sales with augmented reality


With QuickView AR, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can create 3D virtual catalogues to showcase their line of products in an interactive way that empowers their sales team and reduces the decision making time of the end customer.

The application augments the product chosen in the customer’s live environment and allows them to virtually compare their choices. The burden of needing physical samples to make an informed choice is removed.

QuickView AR is a white label application that can be easily adapted to any retail product catalog. You can avail it as a stand-alone application or it can be embedded into your existing application.

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  • Shortened sales cycles

  • Faster purchase decision making

  • Eliminate costs involved in transporting samples to the customer door during the sales cycles

  • Reduced probability of product returns


  • Immersive 3D product visualization

  • Try before you buy experience with the live AR view

  • Easy to deploy stand-alone or embedded mobile application

  • Real Time virtual product customization 


Our Work



The ceramic tile industry in recent times has been bogged down by the size of the tiles which is making it near impossible to transport them for demos in terms of added costs. Without  live demos in the customer environment, it becomes difficult for customers to visualise the final look of their flooring thus slowing the decision making process. To solve this conundrum, Actuality approached JIX for creating a solution that would help improve the sales demos of the tiles in their showroom.


VR Showroom

A VR showroom with Oculus rift for an NZ-based tile company, which allows users to navigate through several rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc.,) and change the floor, wall and table texture using eye gazing.

360 QuickRoom

360 QuickRoom is a mobile-based app, which allows users to view a showroom in 360 degrees, and change floor texture by tapping.


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