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Image by Marvin Meyer

Technology Graduate Opportunity



For candidates majoring in Computer Science, Electrical, Creative/ Media design, Filmmaking, Data science or any related science field: 

  • If you are a recent graduate (2020-21)  you are eligible for our permanent role on offer that would be for 20 hours a week.

  • If you are in your penultimate or last year of study, you are eligible for our 100 hour work experience/ 400 hour winter internship program commencing in July, 2021.

The Opportunity

We are a dynamic team with each of our employees donning multiple hats at all times. It would be the same for you as well - you will have an opportunity to dab in different areas of technology and grow with the role. Broadly, we are looking for you to bring heaps of energy and a fresh perspective to the way we build our products. 

Adaptability and proficiency in two or more of our tech stack will get your foot in the door. 

  • Development Platforms: Unity, Unreal, WebGL, TensorFlow

  • Design Tools: Blender, Maya, Twin Motion, Adobe creative suite, After Effects, Cinema 4D

  • SDKs and dev tools: ARkit, ARCore, Improbable

  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

  • Programming: C#, Python, JS, PHP, React Native, Swiftic

The Perks

  • You will get to work, observe and play around with the latest tech in XR world that are hard to access from anywhere else.

  • While the compensation for this position is ultimately dependent upon your experience and other qualifications, you will be guaranteed to start at the living wage

  • We believe it is critical to support personal development to have a successful team. You will be encouraged to take training courses, attend conferences or participate in other avenues to up-skill during normal business hours.

  • Our work environment has a laid back feeling with business casual dress throughout the week. Schedules are flexible within reason, and you can work from home at least one day a week.

  • We ensure that our engineers have the most modern workstations and provide a modest budget for all to customize their workstation or purchase peripherals they require.