XR Archi Viz

See Unbuilt and Half-Completed Dreams and Spaces in an Unreal Form


With our XR Archi Viz solution, we can bring any physical space to life and offer a true-to-life walkthrough experience. We leverage the immersive nature of XR tech to offer realistic visualisation of any physical space, be it from a 2D design layout, 3D tangible design model or an actually constructed building. 

However beautiful a static rendered image may be, traditional design visualisation can only convey so much thus handicapping users from making an informed decision, be it purchasing a property, hiring a venue for an event or renting a house. With our true-to-scale interactive visualisation tool, you can communicate your design ideas, building attributes and venue facilities to anyone anywhere in the world.

Impress your clients, gain their trust and help them see their dream!



  • Improved Spatial Awareness (Feel and Live the Space)

  • Shortened Project Approval/ Venue Booking/ Property Sale process

  • Impactful Property Marketing

  • Increased Customer Engagement at the pre-sales stage

  • Customised Individual Experiences to increase workflow efficiency


  • Photo-realistic 3D Rendering of any physical space

  • Multi-platform Customer experience

  • Ease of Use and Hands-free Customer Interaction

  • 360 Visualisation of any design layout

  • Device Agnostic Communication tool


Our Work


360 Guided Virtual Tour of Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

Christchurch’s multimillion-dollar Te Pae Convention Centre is a gathering place designed and purpose-built to respond to any event requirements.While visitors will not physically be in the state-of-the-art centre until at least next year due to the pandemic, Te Pae wanted to create an Interactive customer experience that could help visualise / simulate / interact with the iconic landmark and achieve a level of immersive communication that simply can’t be achieved through words, drawings, images, or an animation projected on a screen. Our multi-faceted team at JIX came up with the idea of a platform agnostic 360 virtual guided walk-through that will offer the community a realistic sneak-peak of the venue and enable faster decision making when it came to planning an event.

Dish Antenna

Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre opens its doors virtually - Stuff NZ

September 25, 2020


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